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Polk State College Aerospace and Aviation Institute of Technology

Established in August 2018

Polk State Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center

The Polk State College

Aviation Institute and Technology aligns itself with strategic college partners to offer courses. This helps utilize the best relationship for students to achieve articulated credits and sometimes peak their interest in a degree program. We understand college is not for everyone however offering classes on a college campus helps us foster relationships with airlines so students have a greater possibility for job placement with selected airlines.

From the first meeting to current day the program director at Polk State College has been instrumental in providing Aviation Institute of Technology the tools and know how to achieve this great partnership. The success of our partnership was built upon what can we do for the community to grow awareness to the aircraft dispatch profession. During the summer of 2019 we hosted our first Aircraft Dispatch Open House where we have speakers from all sectors of the aircraft dispatch field shed light on what they do. This was only one of many ways we are brining to light the importance of what an aircraft dispatcher does. This partnership has been nothing short of a great opportunity to work with some remarkable folks at Polk State College - Aerospace team in building awareness to the aircraft dispatch field. In the months and years to come I can only imagine this program growing stronger and brighter for each and every student that walks through those doors at Polk State College.

Polk State College Aerospace and Aviation Institute of Technology have partnered to offer the aircraft dispatcher program. Polk State will be offering students 24 credit hours towards their degree for completing the aircraft dispatch program and obtaining their license.

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